Subway Restaurants has spent the first part of 2000 focused on its low-fat “7 sandwiches with under 6 grams of fat” menu. In January, the Milford, Conneticut-based, sandwich chain featured an Indiana University student in a national media campaign. I.U. student Jared Fogle lost 245 pounds eating only Subway sandwiches for an entire year. In February, Subway continued its health kick with a promotion and ad campaign featuring an endorsement from the creator of the newest craze to hit the health industry, Tae-Bo inventor, Billy Blanks.

This March, Subway will observe National Nutrition Month.

Subway “healthy alternative to fast-food” menu has proven to be a hit both nationally and internationally kicking off successful low-fat marketing campaigns in both Australia and Latin America as well as China.

National Nutrition Month began in 1973, initially as a weeklong event. Since then, Subways Restaurants has joined America’s commitment to healthy eating, by committing itself to serving healthy, veggie-filled sandwiches. The Subway menu is the only fast-food menu to receive the right to use the 5-A-Day Logo for the Better Health Program,

Subway has also made substantial efforts to educate the public about nutrition by providing nutritional information on its paper goods and promotional items. In addition, Subway Restaurants has devoted a portion of its web site to nutritional information and links to other nutritional web sites, such as the American Dietetic Association and The Vegetarian Resource Group.

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