Subway Continues Sustainability Efforts

    Industry News | April 22, 2015

    Subway restaurants are best known for the brand’s commitment to providing fresh ingredients and healthier food alternatives to its customers. Behind the scenes Subway has been working diligently to improve the sustainability of its products and operations. They are on a journey to make both the restaurants and operations as environmentally and socially responsible as possible and to help improve the health of the planet at the same time.

    Over the past several years, Subway has switched to products and business practices that use less energy and resources, generate less waste, and the brand is currently working on others. All new and remodeled stores now use energy-efficient lighting saving electricity—in 2014 these measures saved an estimated 25 million kilowatt-hours, which would be enough to power 2,296 average U.S. residences for a year. Low-flow faucets and taps that increase the water pressure for rinsing are standard for all new Subway restaurants. This small change saves 277 million gallons of water annually. By removing the paper interleaf between sliced cheeses, an additional 450,000 pounds of paper has been removed from Subway’s waste stream annually. Plastic salad bowls, lids, and catering trays and are made with 95 percent post-consumer recycled content and can be recycled.  This process allowed us to divert 209.8 million bottles from landfills last year. Subway has also just released this video about Living Green:

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