Industry News | February 28, 2011

Subway Grows to 600 in LA

Subway opened its 600th Los Angeles location. The location was opened by multi-unit Subway franchisees, Parvis Mohammadi, Mehrangiz Goodarzi, and Sharab Siegel, and is located inside Union Station.

“We are thrilled to have the privilege of opening the 600th Subway restaurant in Los Angeles and appreciate all the support from our valued customers, as well as the staff of the local Subway development office. Without them, we would not be here today,”  Mohammadi says.

This is the owners' 8th Subway restaurant. They also operate restaurants in Sunland, California; Pasadena, California; and downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Subway No. 600 is a full store inside a kiosk. Keeping in theme with the rest of the Station, the restaurant sports a dark wood finish. Although only 250 square feet, the restaurant sold 362 subs on its first day of business.  

“It’s a historical building,” says Hardy Grewal, Los Angeles-based development agent for Subway. “Permitting had to go through not only all of the usual departments, but also the Historical Board as well. Our office, contractor, and franchisees all worked together to bring this to fruition.  

“We congratulate Perry, Mehry and Sherry on their achievement and wish them continued success in the years to come. Six hundred locations is a terrific milestone for us," Grewal says. "We look forward to increased development in 2011 and eventually crossing the 700 open locations line with extra focus on non-traditional opportunities.  This year, we are expecting to open in locations such as UCLA, the City of Hope Hospital, an exclusive area in Santa Monica, and the Pier in Hermosa Beach, just to name a few."

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