SUBWAY Sandwich Artist Nitasha Truss, from Tuscon, Arizona, is the 2013 Sub Jammers Champion, taking first place in a field of about 140 Sandwich Artists from around the world at the brand’s recent annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.


Already the fastest and friendliest workers in the quick service industry, the Sub Jammers are judged on speed, sandwich appearance, ingredient distribution, and accuracy.


“I practiced a lot and timed myself whenever I made sandwiches for my customers,” says Nitasha, who recently earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business.


Nitasha, who won with a score of 47.64, has been with SUBWAY for five-and-a-half years and says she loves helping customers and working with her fellow Sandwich Artists. The scoring is based on the time in seconds to make a sandwich, with points added for discrepancies.


“This is always one of the most anticipated events of our annual convention,” says Amy Holm, the company’s first Sandwich Artist, who now serves as senior manager of field operations for the SUBWAY brand. “Sandwich Artists are the people most responsible for creating a memorable experience and great meal for our customers. The Sub Jammers competition is a fun way to showcase one of the things that they do best.”


Second place went to Bryon Shea, of Neenah, Wisconsin, who won the competition in 2011 and 2009. Bryon, who has been in the SUBWAY system for 12 years and manages three SUBWAY restaurants, finished second this year with a score of 51.10. Overall, Bryon has finished first, second, or third in each of the past seven years. This may be Bryon’s last competition as he may be attending the next convention as a franchisee.


Third place went to another Sub Jammer veteran; Sharon Hall of Waco, Texas, who had a score of 52.44. Sharon placed second in 2010 and third place in 2011 after winning the championship in 2007 and 2008. Sharon still holds the record for making a sandwich in a blazing-quick time of 38.6 seconds.


Nitasha, Bryon, and Sharon echoed the sentiments of many participants when they said it was fun to meet Sandwich Artists from around the world while competing to see who can make the best sandwich in the quickest amount of time.


For winning the competition, which was sponsored by OSI Industries and Fulfillment America, Nitasha was presented with a check for $3,000. Bryon took home the $2,000 second place prize while Sharon received $1,000.


Rounding out the Top 10 were: Sara Tiegs of Pullman, Washington; Josefina Arellano of Tyler, Texas; Jill Shane of Duluth, Minnesota; Jennifer Chapman of Gatesville, Wisconsin; Melissa Callahan of Onalaska, Wisconsin; Patty Taylor of Jackson, Michigan; and Holly Schmidt, of Excelsior, Missouri.

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