The Subway restaurant chain brings FUZE iced tea to its nearly 22,500 restaurants throughout the United States.

FUZE is compatible with the SUBWAY brand’s fresh platform, which provides healthier on-the-go meals that compliment busy, active lifestyles. Each FUZE tea contains natural tea antioxidants and provides 10 percent of recommended daily vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and C per eight ounce serving.

“FUZE fresh-brewed tea demonstrated excellent results in our extensive consumer and marketing testing,” says Bill Schettini, chief marketing officer for the Subway chain. ”Like our bread, which is baked fresh daily in each restaurant, we will be brewing FUZE® throughout the day to bring the delicious taste of freshly brewed tea to our customers. FUZE will provide another refreshing choice for our customers just in time for the hot, summer weather.”

Franchisees in the test markets who have been selling FUZE say customers love having a fresh-brewed iced tea available with their meals, just like they would make it at home.

“I have found that customers really like FUZE because they can taste the difference in a freshly brewed tea,” says Mark Devoto a Subway franchisee with three locations in Massachusetts. “There’s no question; customers tell us we have a product that is better than anyone else has.”

FUZE® is a product of the Coca-Cola® Company. Markets will serve two tea flavors from five available varieties – Green Tea with Honey, Unsweetened Tea (black tea), Sweet Tea, Black Tea with Lemon and Southern Style Sweet Tea. These tea varieties are freshly-brewed throughout the day using customized equipment and specialized holding urns to ensure consistent freshness and beverage quality.

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