Subway Restaurants and Cartoon Network (Turner
Broadcasting System Inc., a Time Warner Co.) are working together to
produce a fun-filled toy promotion as part of Subway’s Kids’ Pak meal.
It begins May 28 and runs until July 8.To generate kid awareness,
eye-catching point-of-sale materials featuring Sheep and his nefarious
pursuers will be prominently displayed at participating Subway locations
in the United States and Canada. Included among these will be a
sneezeguard static cling and display card. In addition, kids who visit
the Subway Web site at will find a special interactive
game featuring the “Sheep in the Big City” premiums.

“We are delighted to be associated again with Cartoon Network,
especially to cross promote one of its most popular new shows,” says
Joanne Vermilya, promotional services supervisor, SFAFT (Subway
Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust).

Sheep is a lovable, bright (yet naive) character who is definitely out
of his element learning the ropes of urban living. Pursued by a Top
Secret Military Organization, led by General Specific and his assistant
Private Public, Sheep had to flee his idyllic farm life and hide out in
the Big City in order to avoid being used as a component in a powerful
ray gun developed by the military. Now ensconced in city life, Sheep
faces such problems as finding a nice apartment, balancing work and a
social life, avoiding the General, and falling in love with a poodle
named Swanky, whose owner, Lady Richington, hates sheep!

The spring promotion features four toys created exclusively for this
campaign. The Kids’ Pak meal features a deli-style roll sandwich, a
drink and choice of cookie and will include one of the following toys:
Sheep in the Big City—running for his life, our hero poses on a
piece of sidewalk in the Big City; Sheep Ray Gun—General Specific watches as Sheep lights up this
fun gun; Private Public Sheep Launcher—when the General’s devoted
assistant,Private Public, tries to capture him, Sheep has to leap for
his life; General Specific Helicopter—the General and Private look out
from this fun push toy.

Cartoon Network, currently seen in 72.9 million homes and 145 countries
around the world, is Turner Broadcasting System Inc.’s 24-hour, basic
cable service offering the best in animated entertainment. Drawing from
the world’s largest cartoon library, Cartoon Network also creates and
showcases innovative original programming such as “Dexter’s Laboratory,”
“The Powerpuff Girls,” “Cow and Chicken,” “Courage the Cowardly Dog,”
“Ed, Edd n Eddy” and “Cartoon Cartoons.” Since its launch in 1992,
Cartoon Network has remained one of basic cable’s fastest growing,
highest-rated networks.

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