Industry News | December 28, 2007

Subway to Offer Online ServSafe Courses

Sandwich quick-serve Subway now offers online ServSafe Food Safety Training and Certification courses for its franchisees and their staff. ServSafe, developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF), is the premier source for food safety training, recognized by more jurisdictions than any other food-safety program in the country.

By partnering with the NRAEF, the Subway organization is enabling its franchisees and their management staff to access the ServSafe food safety certification courses via the brand's Web-based training center, the University of Subway. The university has logged more than 165,000 course completions since its inception and offers more than 100 Subway specific courses, available in several languages.

"With the addition of the interactive ServSafe component on the University of Subway, team members can receive consistent food safety training anywhere in the world with internet connection. This is truly the next big thing for new people who are getting food safety training for the first time or for experienced individuals who simply want a refresher," says Bonnie Zownir, Director of Worldwide Training for the Subway restaurant chain.

Advantages of the new online courses include lowering a franchisee's overall training costs, requiring less time away from the restaurant, the ability to study at work or at any Internet-enabled computer and it allows users to learn at their own pace in either English or Spanish.

"Food safety is one of the most critical issues facing our industry today, and we are thrilled to partner with Subway in their commitment to provide their customers and employees with the safest food possible," says Mary M. Adolf, president and chief operating officer, NRAEF. "Our online ServSafe capabilities provide a tremendous opportunity for team members to study the materials and become certified through a timetable that is adaptable to their busy schedules."

Including the latest science-based information, real-world scenarios, and updated case studies, ServSafe has already certified more than 3 million foodservice managers.


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