The Subway restaurant chain has partnered with Florida-based location intelligence leader SiteZeus to augment its development strategy by adding data driven location intelligence with advanced geospatial technology and visualization. Combined with its own market data, Subway is confident it will now have more thorough and accurate insights and suggestions for growth in every market.

“Our focus is on a strategic development strategy to make sure Subway franchisees have the greatest opportunities to successfully grow their businesses,” says Chief Development Officer Don Fertman. “Our Development Agents review an incredible amount of information to determine where to locate new or relocate existing restaurants in each market. With the addition of the SiteZeus platform, we will be able to better evaluate how individual locations will perform and affect the trade area while providing analytical tools for overall market realignment.”

“SiteZeus may be a technology company, but at the end of the day we are in the business of relationships. We want to partner and grow with our clients on a long-term scale, and the Subway brand is looking for exactly that same type of relationship,” says SiteZeus Co-CEO and Co-Founder Keenan Baldwin. “At our core we are a location intelligence platform. But our technology is limitless by nature. Optimization, acceleration, automation—it’s all there in our Synergy platform.”

The companies will work together to both enhance the customer experience and streamline franchise processes.

SiteZeus will be hosting a demonstration August 3, 2017 at 1 p.m. to highlight its newest features, which solve for predictive model transparency To register visit:

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