The Subway restaurant chain, which started baking bread fresh daily in each restaurant in 1983, recently recognized its three bread suppliers for helping the brand develop its best bread yet.

Lineage Logistics, ARYZTA and Southwest Baking each played a key role in the brand's overall bread improvement efforts as well as helping Subway achieve the specific goal of increasing whole grains to 51 percent in the 9-Grain Wheat bread (which now provides 100 percent of a person's daily Whole Grain requirement per Footlong sandwich).

"We are all about making great sandwiches and any great sandwich starts with great bread," says Mark Christiano, the baking specialist for the Subway chain. "Our most recent efforts were part of our overall commitment to always improve the food we serve. We are fortunate to have partners like Lineage Logistics, Aryzta and Southwest Baking who share our desire to meet consumer demands for higher quality, delicious and nutritious breads. With their dedication and help on our Baking Team, we continue to be the undisputed leader in providing a freshly made and flavorful start to any great sandwich!"

Lineage Logistics, ARYZTA and Southwest Baking were recognized for the countless hours they spent working with the brand to develop new recipes and then to quickly get that bread into the restaurants.

"Southwest Baking is continuously engaged in improving the Subway System, and with the interaction with the Bakery Team, there is a constant focus on maintaining the highest bread quality standards for the franchisees and their customers," says Christian Belzunce, general manager of Southwest Baking.

"It's always wonderful to be recognized for our work, but we are especially honored to have been part of such a critical effort by Subway ensuring the quality and freshness of its delicious breads," says Bill Hendricksen, CEO of Lineage Logistics, a warehousing and logistics company backed by Bay Grove. "We are committed to continuing our work with Subway to help drive growth and enhance consumer satisfaction."

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