Many restaurants are challenged to find an energy-efficient reflector light bulb that dims low enough for their atmosphere during business hours but also has enough light output when operated at full voltage for employees to be able to clean the facility properly and efficiently. To solve this challenge, Litetronics engineered the 11-watt BR30 Micro-Brite cold cathode light bulbs, which generates 450 lumens to replace a 50-watt incandescent bulb in recessed cans and track lights and dims down to 5 percent of light output on standard dimmers.

“Many of our customers expressed a need for more light output when the cold cathode bulbs are operated at full voltage, so we designed an 11-watt BR30 that provides more light output than the 8-watt model and maintains dimming capability,” says Bob Sorensen, vice president of marketing for Litetronics.

The 11-watt BR30 Micro-Brite cold cathode light bulb works on standard dimmers, so no additional equipment is needed. The 11-watt BR30 reduces energy consumption by up to 85 percent and saves even more money on replacement and maintenance costs with its long 18,000-hour life.

The 11-watt Micro-Brite BR30 is available in two color temperatures: 2250K (product code MB-1100DL) and 2850K (product code MB-1100DP). The 2250K color is designed to simulate the rosy hue of dimmed incandescent light.

For applications that require a whiter color, the 2850K color provides warm white light that is slightly whiter and brighter than standard incandescent bulbs.