Sweet meets heat in the newest flavor to hit the Wingstop menu, Mango Habanero.

In development for the past year and available for a limited time, Mango Habanero starts out sweet and then brings the heat.

“Our fans are passionate about their wings and expect the boldest flavors from us. Mango Habanero delivers that,” says Charlie Morrison, Wingstop president and CEO. “Whether you like it sweet or spicy, Mango Habanero packs a flavorful punch.”

Mango Habanero is available sauced, tossed, and made to order on classic or boneless wings.

“Sweet heat flavors are trending on menus, and our core fans are part of that growing trend,” says Doug Willmarth, Wingstop’s chief marketing officer. “Guests asked for a new sauce that turns up the heat, and we believe Mango Habanero is up to the challenge.”

The new flavor is available now at all of the nearly 600 Wingstop locations nationwide, but only for a limited time. “It’s here, until it’s gone,” Willmarth says.

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