Sweet Ovations, an international ingredient supplier for dairy, frozen dessert, bakery, beverage, and foodservice products for over 75 years, has announced the introduction of their new line of naturally flavored smoothies.

“Our smoothies are better than ever. Aligning with consumer lifestyle trends, we reformulated all of our smoothie bases with natural flavors and without high fructose corn syrup,” says Anne LaFriniere, director of business development.

Sweet Ovations’ smoothie bases are developed with the foodservice industry’s needs in mind. Each smoothie is shelf stable, full of fruits and flavors, and is packaged in a 64 ounce jug with 1/2-ounce portion pump. Flavors include those that are fruit, non-fruit, seasonal, or specialty. New flavors for 2008 include watermelon, berry medley, and peach tea.

As a way of supporting foodservice customers, Sweet Ovations makes their products available on-line at sweetovations.com. By clicking on “consumer home,” one is directed to the portion of the site that houses information and products for foodservice and home use. To support foodservice operators, Sweet Ovations offers ideas to enhance menu offerings, flavor combination ideas, and recipes.