SweetFrog Frozen Yogurt recently introduced brand new catering and delivery services at participating locations nationwide—making ordering and event planning more convenient than ever for all loyal customers.

SweetFrog’s CEO, Patrick Galleher, says this is the perfect time for sweetFrog to hop into the catering and delivery game because it’s a market on the rise from coast to coast. According to a recent study by investment firm, Cowen, the US food delivery and catering market is expected to blossom into a $76 billion industry by 2022 – representing a massive 79 percent increase in the next five years.

“We’re a thriving franchise company that takes a great deal of pride in our commitment to developing innovative solutions that enhance the convenience factor for all sweetFrog customers,” says Galleher. “We’re rolling out catering and delivery programs nationwide to ensure our customers can enjoy delicious sweetFrog products when a physical store visit isn’t possible.  

“Our catering services also dovetail our commitment to community beautifully.   Countless local organizations, including churches, hospitals, schools, businesses, etc. will use our catering services for parties, fundraisers, and other important get-togethers.  Plus, parents can use catering for birthday and graduation parties.   We’re excited to take sweetFrog’s award winning flavors to our customers!”

To qualify for delivery, orders must be $90, or more. Customers can call the order in to any participating sweetFrog store, or order online at sweetFrog.com. Two online catering sites, EZcater, and CaterNation, will also be taking sweetFrog catering orders.   There are three specific catering offerings, including:

Pick-Up (10-50 people)—pre-order and pick up in store.

Delivery (20-150 people)—per-order and delivered to location.

Full Service (custom group packages)—pre-order and plan event. SweetFrog employee will be on site to set up and serve. SweetFrog mascots, Scoop and Cookie, available to attend.

SweetFrog’s Director of Product Development, Phillip Hipsky, says it’s all about making people happy where they are with a best-in-class delivery process.

“Catering and delivery was a natural next step for us at sweetFrog,” says Hipsky, “For months, our customers have told us they love the idea of enjoying sweetFrog desserts any place they want.  Plus, we’ve developed a delivery process that’s superior to anything that’s preceded it in the frozen yogurt industry.  The sweetFrog catering experience is different because we are dedicated to keeping the frozen desserts at the same firmness they find at our stores. We use special delivery coolers, and pack the treats in such a way to ensure sweetFrog desserts are the hit of any special occasion.”

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