On Friday, Sweetgreen launched a new menu category: Warm Bowls. It’s the biggest menu change since the company launched its seasonal menu in 2014. The new Warm Bowls are hearty and healthy meals with rice or quinoa bases, topped with roasted vegetables plus protein for lunch or dinner.

The new Warm Bowls category features two brand-new bowls, the Pesto Portobello and the Shroomami. They’re layered with cooked ingredients, served fresh out of the oven, including hot chickpeas, warm portobellos, and sesame roasted tofu (a new recipe, and now served warm). A few other ingredient updates include: housemade za’atar breadcrumbs (replacing pita chips), a new herb falafel and warm quinoa (no longer mixed with farro, and both gluten-free).

In its mission to scale healthy fast food, Sweetgreen cooks everything from scratch in each kitchen every day, using produce delivered that morning. Warm bowls unlock a whole new world of Sweetgreen that is both healthy and craveable, and they’re the latest in Sweetgreen’s ongoing menu innovation and evolution. Friday also marks the launch of the new fall menu, featuring Curry Cauliflower (a warmer, heartier version of the annual fall staple, now with hot chickpeas), Apples, Pears plus Cheddar and Chicken plus Brussels. “A lot of things have evolved since we started Sweetgreen in 2007, especially our menu. But one thing that won’t change is our obsession with real food, and the pride we take in cooking everything from scratch for our guests, every day. We started with salads and wraps, then offered grain bowls—our heartier Warm Bowls are the next step in the Sweetgreen journey to build healthier communities, starting with food.” Says Nicolas Jammet, co-founder and co-CEO.

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