Industry News | January 24, 2014

Swipely Release Helps Operators Track Behavior

Swipely, a tool for merchants to better understand customer behaviors, unveiled its Winter ’14 release to connect menu, staff, and customer insights with Swipely’s cloud-based platform. The new release extends Swipely’s service to help its restaurant and hospitality customers make smarter decisions about their key drivers: food, staff, and marketing.

"With our Winter ’14 release, Swipely now provides even deeper data and more actionable insights for restaurant customers to grow sales,” says Angus Davis, founder and CEO of Swipely. “We can tell which menu item brings customers back, which server does the best job selling wine, and which dishes are the favorites of your most valuable customers.”

About two thirds of Swipely’s customers are in the hospitality sector, including more than 1,000 restaurants and bars in over 33 U.S. states. Restaurant clients include Rosa Mexicano, Sarabeth’s, Tremont 647, Anna Maria’s Oyster Bar, Fresh To Order, and many more.

Swipely’s new Winter ’14 features support many point­of­sale systems, allowing small-business owners to spend less time crunching numbers and more time satisfying customers by providing actionable insights to improve menu, service, and marketing. The new features are organized into two areas: menu intelligence and server performance.

With menu intelligence in Winter ’14, restaurants can use Swipely to gain quick insights to improve their menu, answering questions like:

·      Which entrées are most likely to create a loyal, repeat customer?

·      What do customers say online about this dish?

·      What is my best customer’s favorite glass of wine?

·      Which server has the most success selling the crème brûlée?

·      What popular pairings could help lift the average ticket amount?

·      How would changing the price of margaritas impact my profits?

More than 13 million people work at U.S. restaurants. With Winter ’14, Swipely turns server performance data into actionable insights so managers can coach staff, increase sales, and reward stars on the team using leaderboards and analytics, answering questions like:

·      Who are my top servers, measured by sales, customer retention or table turn?

·      Why does Steve excel during in his lunch shift sales but struggle at dinner?

·      Who does the best job turning a first­time customer into a repeat customer?

·      Which server needs help learning the wine list to boost her beverage sales?

·      Who does the best job selling desserts and could share tips with colleagues?

·      Where should I focus training to help servers increase revenue and tips? 

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