Industry News | May 25, 2013

Symplicity Laundry, Warewashing Gets Update

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Betco Corporation announced updates to the Symplicity line of laundry and warewashing products.

Betco now offers Symplicity Classic Premium Laundry Detergent, Symplicity Classic Economy Laundry Detergent, and Symplicity Classic Dry Bleach in a 50-pound fiber drum and new packaging. The new drum will replace the 100-pound box for easier handling and storage. Symplicity Emulsifier 240, Symplicity Sanitizing Softener 550, and Symplicity Sour & Softener 440 are now available in the 4 - 1 gallon size to add to the existing 5 gallon pail, 15 gallon drum, and 55 gallon drum.

Betco introduced Symplicity Chlorinated Machine Detergent 125 previously known as High Temp Machine Detergent 125. Symplicity Chlorinated Machine Detergent 125 is specially formulated with chlorinated power to tackle the tough tasks of coffee, tea, and other tough stains.

John Jacobs, product manager of Laundry/Warewashing & Foodservice, says these updates continue to serve Betco's customers. “Betco always reaches out to our distributor partners, and through them, the end user, to offer improvements to the Betco offering of solutions. By doing this, Betco shows our customers that we are listening and responding to their needs.”

By listening to today's operators/end users, Betco Corporation sets another new standard in “Cleaning Innovations That Matter.” Betco engineers cleaning programs, products, and equipment sold through distribution partners internationally. Betco products serve numerous markets and industries including Building Services, Education, Healthcare, Food Service, and Retail.

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