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    Syrus Offers Restaurants New Mobile Inventory Tracking Site

  • Industry News July 12, 2013

    Syrus Restaurant Information Services, provider of restaurant technologies, announced the launch of a new mobile- and tablet-optimized website for restaurant inventory tracking and ordering.

    Restaurant managers now have quick access to their inventory and ordering information, using any Web-enabled tablet or smartphone. The device’s mobility gives managers greater freedom to serve guests. The optimized website lets them track restaurant inventory, place orders, manage product transfers, and track waste.

    The site is designed to help address customer pain points and offers managers many new benefits. The newly optimized website memorizes the managers inventory and ordering counting path, increasing efficiencies. All information captured through a device automatically flows to the full Syrus reporting site.

    Managers no longer have to do paper counts and enter them into a computer system, as all counts are recorded directly, reducing the amount of time spent back-of-house and allowing managers to spend more time on the front line with their employees and customers.

    The site also calculates multiple quantities and product sizes, reducing incidences of human error. Counts are entered directly into the tablet or mobile device, reducing paper count-sheet waste, and because inventory is saved through the website, information is immediately available to all designated users.

    Customers who use the Syrus website on their tablet or Web-enabled phone will automatically be directed to the optimized website. No special website addresses are necessary, and no downloads are required.

    The new site is designed for all Web-enabled tablet and smartphones, which will reach more people; give managers the flexibility to use existing devices, potentially lowering upfront costs; and provide users a consistent experience across multiple platforms.

    Syrus customers using the new optimized site are already reporting a time savings of three to four hours per week, when compared to the printed count sheet method.

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