Table Needs, Inc., a leading provider of restaurant technology and business services, announced a game-changing solution for food trucks operating at festivals and community events. For the first time, food truck owners can manage their entire business from a single platform, revolutionizing the way they operate and increasing productivity and profitability. The all-in-one food truck point-of-sale (POS) system, designed for speed and simplicity, comes fully loaded with a kitchen display system (KDS), QR code ordering, online ordering, and menu management at no additional cost. The Table Needs food truck POS system runs on standard mobile devices, avoiding the cost of single-use, proprietary hardware.

Reduce Lines While Accepting More Orders With Comprehensive Food Truck POS System

Long lines lead to agitated customers and anxious festival operators. But with multiple ways to accept orders and payments, the Table Needs POS for food trucks with built-in kitchen display system keeps orders rolling in without requiring customers to wait in long lines. 

Customers have three main choices when it comes to ordering: 

1) immediately order via Scan to Order & Pay after simply scanning a QR code with their mobile device — without downloading another app

2) delay their orders for a future time with commission-free Online Ordering

3) wait in line and order at the counter

No matter how the customer chooses to place an order, every order is routed through the food truck POS system for easy tracking and reporting. No additional hardware, software or juggling of paper tickets required.

Increase Kitchen Efficiency With Kitchen Display System Built Into Food Truck POS System

Food trucks know that everything must be acutely dialed in when it comes to preparing food in tight spaces. The Table Needs food truck POS system with built-in Kitchen Display System (KDS) streamlines order fulfillment, improving efficiency and reducing errors. Orders from various sources are seamlessly routed through the KDS, allowing staff to easily manage orders, prioritize tasks, and eliminate confusion during peak periods.

“The Table Needs KDS has eliminated messed-up drink orders and miscommunications because we’re able to see exactly what was ordered without having to interrupt the other barista who is taking more orders,” says Haley Porter, co-owner of Mori’s Place Coffee Company. “It completely cuts the confusion that can often overwhelm baristas trying to balance multiple tasks in a big rush.” 

The Table Needs KDS even helps get food to the customer by sending an automatic text message to customers when their order is ready for pick-up. This reduces overcrowded pick-up windows and shouting order numbers or tracking down customers at noisy festivals and events.

No Contracts, No Hidden Fees, No Proprietary Hardware Required for Food Truck POS System

Flexibility is a key marker of food truck culture, so Table Needs provides its products and services with no contracts, no hidden fees, and no requirements for proprietary hardware.

“Our goal is to empower food truck owners with the tools they need to succeed without the burden of costly hardware or locking them into contracts,” says Ben Simmons, CEO of Table Needs.

With the Table Needs Food Truck POS system with built-in KDS, food truck owners now have an affordable, portable, and efficient solution that empowers them to streamline their operations, maximize their profitability, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.