Taco Bell today unveiled its summer marketing campaign in support of Austin Powers in Goldmember, which opens in theaters nationwide on July 26. The campaign is slated to run July 14th through August 18th. Taco Bell customers can “Peel It Off & Win, Baby!” for a chance to win $1 million and a BMW Mini Cooper, or of other prizes, including cash, Movie Cash® and Music Cash®, the Austin Powers in Goldmember movie soundtrack, and Taco Bell menu items at participating restaurants nationwide.

“The zany humor of Austin Powers’ matches the fun, fresh, left of center personality of Taco Bell,” said Debbie Myers, vice president of media services, entertainment and licensing, Taco Bell Corp. ”

To play, consumers may purchase a medium or large drink at participating Taco Bell locations and peel back the attached game piece to reveal if they are a winner. The month-long promotion features instant-win prizes. Five non-winning Dr. Evil game pieces also can be collected and redeemed for a Beef Crunchy Taco. Non-winning game piece sayings include “Sorry, You Lose! You are Only Quasi-Lucky;” “You Lose, Now Zip it;” “You Lose. Were You Expecting Something Else?” and many other clever “loser lines.” The promotion was created by Wunderman, Irvine.

Mini-Me, one of the most recognizable characters from the Austin Powers movie series played by Verne Troyer, heads Taco Bell’s newest advertising campaign, created by Foote, Cone & Belding, San Francisco, and appears in accompanying summer television spots. The first ad entitled “Dance,” features Mini-Me grooving to music while attempting to hoard the $1 million prize for himself as the announcer warns “he’s small and he wants it all.”

The promotion and its miniature spokesperson underscore the brand’s zesty attitude and pledge to “Think Outside The Bun.” The $200 million Think Outside The Bun Taco Bell marketing campaign, which launched in September 2001, challenges Americans to re-think their eating habits and demand bold, innovative menu items like those found at Taco Bell. The promotion will also be supported with a multi-million dollar television and radio campaign, along with in-store materials.

“Taco Bell has been a great partner to us,” said Russell Schwartz, president, domestic marketing, New Line Cinema. “The fun and irreverent spirit of this promotion hits exactly the right tone for Austin Powers in Goldmember.”

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