Restaurant data and analytics solutions provider, Delaget, announced today that their asset protection outlier reporting solution, Delaget Detect, has been selected by Taco Bell Corp. as its preferred asset-protection software.

Delaget Detect’s intuitive, user-friendly interface drives quick and informed asset protection decisions, while allowing users to configure their dashboard with ease and minimal maintenance. These key features, coupled with proven in-store effectiveness and exceptional value, make Detect the top choice for Taco Bell Corporate stores and is an excellent solution for franchisees.

“Delaget Detect helps our field teams quickly identify opportunities at the Point of Sale and take action to improve. This tool is simple to use, and it is a time saver for our teams”, shares Raul Ramirez, Senior Manager, Asset Protection at Taco Bell Corporate.

Delaget is already a well-known name amongst the Yum! Brands community, serving more than 4,000 locations in the United States alone. Delaget has a twenty-plus-year history working with Taco Bell franchisees and now corporate, which speaks to their ability to evolve to the rapidly changing needs of the industry and their commitment to the brand’s success.

“Our long history and deep-seated roots within the Taco Bell community make this endorsement extra exciting for us and our clients”, says Delaget CEO, Jason Tober. “Knowing how committed Taco Bell is to providing their franchisees with only the best-in-class solutions makes this decision truly an honor.”

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