Rodney Walker, franchisee of 41 Taco Bell and KFC restaurants is spilling the secret of what helps him run successful restaurants. Walker says JobApp Network Phone and Web-based Hiring Management Solution has been an important part of his business success strategy, helping him to quickly hire and retain the right people.

“We have a seamless process for quickly finding the best applicants and getting them onboard faster than our competitors and at a lower cost,” Walker says.  To accomplish this, Walker’s company has been using JobApp Network for almost three years to improve quality of hire, cut the time-to-hire, reduce turnover, eliminate the majority of paperwork, and upload new hire data directly into payroll. 

For sourcing, JobApp’s phone application portal has been a key, Walker says.  “It allows us to ensure diversity in recruiting, making sure we’re sourcing as many qualified applicants in our recruiting pool as possible.”  Studies have shown minority and low-income applicants are more likely to apply by phone than by web, and limiting the applicant pool to web-only may mean missing out on great applicants.

Going completely paperless with JobApp’s system for applicant pre-screening and scoring has been a huge time-saver for headquarters and store managers.   All the prescreening is done automatically at application time. “We can very quickly go from 20 top applicants to three or four of the most qualified applicants,” Walker says.

“Turnover is down 45 percent and approximately 82,604 pieces of paper have been eliminated annually, not to mention the reduction in the amount of hours to run payroll, both at the store level and at the home office,” Walker says. He also estimates that they are saving approximately $43,000 per year from automating new hire paperwork.

Going paperless with JobApp’s system for the job application, electronic I-9s, W-4s, tax credit processing and payroll integration has also saved time. In addition, the company has drastically reduced errors, omissions, and missing signatures (because they are required and enforced electronically).  The JobApp solution is more important than ever as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has increased the number of I-9 worksite inspections. ICE has also announced the creation of a new Employment Compliance Inspection Center staffed to aid field offices around the country to expedite I-9 audits.

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