Taco Bell(R) will “feed the beat” this summer, giving free late night meals to up-and-coming rock bands on tour in 2006. Taco Bell will select four emerging bands from four of the country’s music Meccas (Austin, Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle) and provide them a place to go after the show with up to one month’s supply of Fourthmeals for each band member while they are on tour.

“Rock bands and their fans are a cornerstone of our Fourthmeal late night community and we want to reward them for their tremendous support,” said Bill Pearce, Chief Marketing Officer of Taco Bell Corp. “But here’s the catch…there is none. That’s right, no corporate rock deal here, no stickers on guitars, nor bumper stickers on the band van. Just free Fourthmeals, that’s it.”

Up and coming bands from the four target cities who are touring in September or October of 2006 can fill out an online submission form by August 30 at www.tacobell.com/feedthebeat to apply for Taco Bell’s free food tour support. The web page also has band submission criteria and guidelines.

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