Taco Bell’s latest “Outside the Bun” product is the Spicy Chicken Burrito, filled with shredded chicken and seasoned rice and flavored with Mexican spices, sauce, and salsa. The taco chain says it’s offering the new burrito in response to consumer demand.

“Our customers are looking to satisfy their hunger with new and bold flavors,” says Greg Creed, Taco Bell Chief marketing officer. “With our new Spicy Chicken Burrito, we are offering burger-bored consumers another exciting choice in taste at a reasonable price.”

Television and radio commercials created by Foote, Cone & Belding begin airing nationally this week to support the new product. The 30-second television spot, titled “Venus Burrito,” depicts three guys sitting in a living room, enjoying their burritos. Curiously, one of the guys wonders what would happen if he fed a bit of the spicy burrito to a potted Venus Fly Trap. The plant immediately devours the tasty burrito and then slyly wraps itself around the guy’s beverage to wash down the extreme taste. The ending tagline flashes “Filling Made Thrilling!”

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