On January 15, the Taco Bell Foundation opened the Live Más Scholarship for the third year. There is more cash ($3 million on the table), more chances to make dreams realities, and more ways to boost and support kids than ever before.

The Live Más Scholarship program helps innovators, creators and dreamers 16­–24 with post-high school education funding and opportunities to pursue their unique passions that don’t necessarily fit into the typical “academic” or “athletic” scholarship categories. It’s not based on students’ grades or how well they play sports. All you have to do is create and submit a two-minutre video about your passion.

This year, Taco Bell is awarding $3 million in Live Más Scholarships ($1 million to 100 new students, $500,000 to 50 new employees and $1.5 million to 150 previous recipients). Scholarships range from $5,000-$25,000. Taco Bell also plans to award $10 million in scholarships by 2022.

Since 2015, the foundation has awarded $2.8 million in scholarships to 440 students and Taco Bell employees. 

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