Taco Bell announced its new 89-cent Black Jack Taco. It’s a limited-time-only addition to the 79-89-99 Why Pay More! Value Menu and a twist on the chain’s classic Crunchy Taco.

The Black Jack Taco comes with a new black taco shell filled with seasoned beef and topped with Pepper Jack sauce. The new taco will be available at 5,600 participating Taco Bell restaurants across the U.S. through December 27.

“The Black Jack Taco is the perfect option to add to the menu, providing our customers with the value and Mexican-inspired taste they’ve come to expect from Taco Bell,” says David Ovens, chief marketing officer for Taco Bell Corp. “Unbelievable prices, great taste, and innovation define Taco Bell, which is why consumers love the variety of new products we introduce.”

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