Taco Bell Relaunches Coin Drop Game, but Virtually

    Industry News | July 12, 2023
    Taco Bell food items with phone showing Coin Drop virtual game.
    Taco Bell
    From 2003 to 2016, Coin Drop brought in over $41 million in donations.

    Taco Bell announced it is relaunching their iconically nostalgic Coin Drop game. And it’s back with a modern twist – trading in countertops for the Taco Bell mobile app. Available to Taco Bell Rewards members, the fan-favorite fundraiser will run now until August 14, 2023 and a digital “coin” will appear when customers opt to Round Up their total to the nearest dollar in the Taco Bell app while ordering (or visit ta.co/coindropamoe) to request a coin without making a purchase or rounding up), giving fans a shot at playing the game and a chance to win one of three classic menu items for free. Rounded up funds will go directly to the Taco Bell Foundation to support the next generation of leaders with scholarships, grants, and educational experiences.

    Drawing inspiration from the original countertop game, Taco Bell partner CataBoom leaned into the nostalgia factor to develop the contemporary version with the same satisfying retro feel, inspired by Taco Bell restaurant designs in the 2000s. The updated version exclusively uses digital coins, which means you can leave your chain wallet at home (butterfly clips and low-rise jeans still highly encouraged).

    From 2003 to 2016, Coin Drop brought in over $41 million in donations, funding Live Más Scholarships and Community Grants to provide students with the tools needed to further their education and ignite positive change in their communities. In 2019, the Taco Bell Foundation introduced Round Up – a point-of-sale fundraising program that allows customers the opportunity to donate to the Taco Bell Foundation all year long by “rounding up” their total to the nearest dollar. Since the start of 2023, the Taco Bell Foundation has already raised over $20 million in Round Up donations alone and has its sights set on raising $40 million this year with the help of Coin Drop.

    “At the Taco Bell Foundation, our mission is to break down barriers to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders, but it’s important to us that we have fun while doing it – and that’s what Coin Drop is all about,” says Jennifer Bradbury, Executive Director of the Taco Bell Foundation. “Coin Drop is truly a win-win for everyone involved, customers can win fun prizes while knowing they are giving back to a great cause.”

    For a limited time, when Rewards Members opt to Round Up in the Taco Bell mobile app and check out, they will receive a digital “coin” and 10 bonus loyalty points added to their Taco Bell Rewards account to go toward their next reward (limit 1 per day). After placing a mobile order and “rounding up,” customers will see an updated Coin Drop banner on the app’s homepage where they can either practice or use their digital “coins” to play the game for real. The objective is to land their virtual “coin” on the lowest pink paddle to attempt to win a free Taco Bell menu item. Prizes include the customer’s choice of Cinnamon Twists, a Crunchy Taco, or a Bean Burrito—the same reward choices as the original Coin Drop game.

    “We’ve seen so much success in meeting our fans where they are – from launching the Taco Lover’s Pass to the in-app voting experience and we’re excited to introduce this digital iteration of Coin Drop. This game offers fans a new way to win and give back, all at their fingertips with the Taco Bell app,” says Dane Mathews, Chief Digital Officer at Taco Bell. “Many of our fans have fond memories of playing the original Coin Drop at their local Taco Bell – so it only made sense that we bring the game back for our Rewards members to transport customers back in time and give them another shot at winning.”

    Fans interested in trying their hand at conquering Coin Drop can access the game in mere seconds. To become a Taco Bell Rewards member, simply download the Taco Bell app and sign up for an account. Rewards members have access to exclusive offers and earn points on qualifying purchases to redeem for rewards when ordering online, within the app, at the kiosk or by scanning order receipts. Quite simply, fans get rewarded for being part of Taco Bell Rewards, especially those fans who press their luck and have a chance to win the new Coin Drop game.

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