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    Taco Bell Survey Tackles "Big Issues"

  • Industry News May 28, 2003
    Americans might be worried about an unstable economy, but according to a new Taco Bell survey, a majority are still looking out for number-one. In fact, when given a choice, more than 180 million people (65 percent) would take a $30 million lottery jackpot over saving the entire U.S. economy.

    The Taco Bell survey that looks at attitudes toward life's "big enchiladas" was fielded to launch the company's new Chicken Enchilada Border Bowl. Beginning today, Taco Bell fans have a chance to go for the multi-million dollar dream by winning 15,000 lottery tickets or choose a safe bet of $5,000 cash or thousands of dollars in Taco Bell food, with the "Chicken Enchi-Lottery Contest."

    "Sixty-nine percent of Americans play it safe in life according to our survey," said Greg Creed, chief marketing officer, Taco Bell Corp. "But we believe Taco Bell consumers are an exceptional sort. Just like the spirit of the brand, Taco Bell fans think outside the bun and take chances."

    Statistics show that choosing the tickets could actually be a winning risk, even though 80 percent of Americans say they'd play it safe, take the money and run.

    "Most people don't realize the probability of winning a lottery prize, big or small, is only one in 36 tickets," said Gerry Aubin, chair of the Powerball Lottery Group and Rhode Island lottery director. "With 15,000 Powerball tickets, odds are that more than 400 are winners."

    A closer look at the Chicken Enchi-Lottery survey reveals that, even if the U.S. budget deficit doesn't inspire selflessness, Americans would risk their own lottery fortunes for world harmony. Sixty-four percent of people would pick "world peace" above the $30 million prize (33 percent).

    Of all those who play life safe, some people don't consider cash the sound bet. The way to a person's heart can sometimes be his stomach. More than 6 percent of the population -- almost 17 million people -- would ask for several years' supply of Taco Bell food, which isn't a bad deal either according to Creed.

    Taco Bell customers can be eligible to win the food, or one of the other grand prizes by purchasing a new Chicken Enchilada Border Bowl at locations nationwide. After purchase, consumers must visit to enter their order number, name and address in the online Chicken Enchi-Lottery Sweepstakes entry form no later than 11:59 p.m. PST on June 30, 2003. On July 1, Taco Bell will randomly select one entrant to win, offering him or her a choice of 15,000 Powerball or other state lottery tickets (based on the winner's location), $5,000 or a "whole lotta" Taco Bell food ($5,000 in Taco Bell Bucks), as the Grand Prize.

    The Chicken Enchi-Lottery Survey was fielded by Taco Bell in May of 2003. More than 800 Americans from across the nation participated in a telephone survey.

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