Industry News | April 20, 2005

Taco Bueno Adds Chicken Taquitos to its Menu

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Dallas-based, Mexican quick-serve restaurant Taco Bueno has added three new chicken taquito entrees to its menu as a continued commitment to offer “fast-casual quality at fast-food price and convenience.”™

The new chicken taquitos consist of all white-meat chicken and cheddar cheese, wrapped in a crispy corn tortilla. The chicken taquito platter features two chicken taquitos, one soft beef taco, rice, beans, freshly made guacamole, sour cream, and chips for $4.89. The chicken taquito combo features two chicken taquitos with one soft beef taco and a medium drink for $4.09. Finally, Taco Bueno offers the chicken taquitos a la carte in bundles of two for $1.99. All of the offerings come with a choice of queso or Taco Bueno’s signature cilantro ranch dip.

“None of our fast-food competitors offer chicken taquitos, and we are proud that we’re offering it with such high quality ingredients,” says Scott Terraciano-Spence, vice president of marketing for Taco Bueno. “The fast-casual players offer similar products, but at considerably higher prices. We’re glad to give our customers what they want at an affordable price.”

Taco Bueno introduces the new menu item just as it begins to venture into new markets under its new franchise program. A recent deal with U.S. Beef, a successful Arby’s franchiser, is taking the chain into parts of Northern Arkansas, Central Missouri, and Kansas with nine new restaurants.


Love Taco Bueno and have been a Bueno Head for years, but disappointed with the chicken taquitos. Per this article it appears they should be stuffed with chicken and cheese. I ordered three today and they consisted of some chicken and lots of potato. I was not provided with a receipt, so cannot give you a store number, but it's the one that's just south of I-635, at the Skillman/Audelia exit. Not the first time that this location has fallen short of TB standards.

Agreed, sadly. In Colorado Springs, I tried them today--but it tasted so much of the oil that they were fried/saturated in, I could not taste anything else. Heck, I didn't even know there was potato in them until I saw your comment. I ate half of one, fed the other half to my eager canine pal, then tossed the other two.

The location I went to has not disappointed me before, so this was a bit of an unfortunate surprise.

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