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    Taco Chain Takes Bad Economy into Its Own Hands

  • Industry News September 9, 2010
    Facing a sluggish economy that is threatening a second dip into recession, Taco John’s is launching an aggressive incentive program in hopes of attracting new franchisees and stimulating local economies.

    Taco John’s will waive franchise royalty fees for qualifying new restaurants during the first year of operations. During the second year, so long as the new restaurant continues to meet the incentive program requirements, the royalty fee will be 2 percent--half the standard rate.

    “It will make a big difference for those who are torn between investing in a new Taco John’s restaurant and holding back for fear the economy will continue to struggle,” says Brett Miller, vice president of development for Taco John’s.

    “Our goal is to find qualified new franchisees and help them get off the ground with a little extra breathing room.”

    Taco John’s has more than 415 restaurants in 25 states. Many of its locations are in rural communities--areas where the impact of a new business can be far reaching.

    “New restaurants put people to work. They often improve neighborhoods by replacing old buildings or remodeling existing ones,” Miller says.

    “Each Taco John’s restaurant that opens brings construction, accounting, delivery and support services jobs. And that’s not even counting the jobs that are created when hiring all the employees who run the restaurant. It has a big impact on the local economy.”

    To be eligible to participate in the incentive program, new franchisees must sign up before March 30, 2011, and open their restaurants before the end of that year. Taco John’s is also offering to refund $5,000 of the initial franchise fee to existing franchisees upon opening a new restaurant if they meet all of the other incentive program requirements.

    A copy of the incentive program requirements is available upon request.