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    Taco Del Mar Development Agreement Hits Minnesota and North Dakota

  • Industry News March 29, 2006
    Barry Maring of Northland Restaurant Group, Inc. is directing his entrepreneurial talent toward developing Taco Del Mar restaurants.

    Taco Del Mar announced today Maring's exclusive rights to sell franchises and develop restaurants in North Dakota, Minnesota, and parts of western Wisconsin.

    With plans to open 150 restaurants in the next 10 years across his territory, Maring is wasting no time signing franchisees and securing premium locations.

    The first core areas of development will be Fargo and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Fargo, Maring's hometown and a place of his other enterprises, currently has two letters of intent under review. A Lake City, Minn. franchise has already been purchased.

    Maring is a former Subway developer and franchisee currently involved in hotel and land development with his father Russell Maring, and in his own company, Brookstone Development, Inc. of Fargo, N.D.

    "Taco Del Mar has a great image and menu that we feel confident our region is going to readily embrace," Maring said. "The Mexi-fresh segment is really growing, and for franchisees, it's got a relatively low barrier for entry ($115,000-$240,000), protected territory, and franchises are technologically streamlined-making them easy to operate."

    Maring plans to have eight Taco Del Mar restaurants open by year's end.

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