For fans of Taco John’s, the holiday season means one thing: Nachos Navidad. From iconic ads wishing everyone “Feliz Navidad” to the red and green colored tortilla chips, the signature menu item has embodied Taco John’s tradition for decades. But this year, the Mexican quick-service chain has decided to switch things up and start a new tradition. Enter Chicken Queso Nachos Navidad.

“It’s finding the right balance between popular tradition and menu innovation,” says Taco John’s CMO, Billie Jo Waara. “We know fans get excited about classic Nachos Navidad, but we think the time is right to expand the options for our current guests and offer something different that will bring new customers in our doors.”

Chicken Queso Nachos Navidad from Taco John'sChicken Queso Nachos Navidad offer guests the familiar seasonal flair with an entirely new taste. Signature red and green chips are topped with slow-grilled chicken, queso and smoky poblano peppers. Classic Nachos Navidad are also making a comeback, as well as Apple Grande—but not for long. Guests have from November 28 until December 31 to get their hands on any of the three.

Although the chain is changing things up this year, one tradition isn’t going anywhere: TJ Gives. Since 1995, participating Taco John’s franchisees have donated a portion of the profits from every Nachos Navidad purchase to worthy causes in the communities around each location. Taco John’s franchisees have the freedom to select the cause they want to support.

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