Just one hour before nationally acclaimed rhythm and blues singer Har Mar Superstar hits the stage at the Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on Friday, July 27, the musician will be awarded the first-ever Potato Olés trophy in a ceremony at Taco John’s on 1100 S. Minnesota Ave.

The event will be open to the public and anyone who mentions Har Mar’s name at the event will receive a free Crispy Beef Taco.

“This is a momentous occasion,” says Alan Wright, vice president of marketing for Taco John’s International. “And to properly celebrate this event, we invite everyone to come out and have dinner with this American hero.”

Taco John’s International has made a practice of awarding trophies to its most loyal of fans. Last year, the popular quick-service chain awarded the coveted Taco Trophy to Minneapolis Star Tribune sports writer Michael Rand and self-proclaimed “Taco King” Chad Birger.

“The original plan was to award Har Mar a Taco Trophy until we did some research and noticed the singer appeared to only have two loves in life: music and Potato Olés,” Wright says. “It’s clear that Har Mar Superstar lives and dies for Potato Olés. He professes his love for Taco John’s and Potato Olés on social media all the time. Because of his continued love and support, we created a new trophy just for him.”

Har Mar Superstar is the alter ego of singer-songwriter Sean Tillmann. Well-known in the independent music community, Har Mar performs contemporary R&B and pop music. He has been praised for his live performances and has appeared in several movies such as Pitch Perfect and Whip It.

Har Mar recently tweeted to fans, “I always knew my love of Taco John’s was award-worthy. Join me for a red carpet event [and free tacos] to celebrate me receiving this award.”

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