Prepared fresh when ordered in the restaurant then covered in cinnamon and sugar, the original Churro has long been a popular dessert at Taco John’s. Now the Mexican quick-service restaurant is ramping up sales by offering the Oreo Churro—a snacking mash-up with J&J Snack Food Corp. and Mondelez International.

“The Oreo is one of the most popular cookies in the world. Combining it with our most popular dessert has sparked a big jump in sales,” says Jeff Linville, CEO for Taco John’s. “During its first week on our menu, sales of the Oreo Churro have nearly doubled our initial projections.”

With the Oreo Churro leading the way, demand for the entire dessert menu at Taco John’s is up significantly. Since the start of August, sales for the original Churro, Mexican Donut Bites, and the Oreo Churro have jumped 69 percent.

The Oreo Churro is showing its popularity not only at the cash register but also in social media. Fan engagement has been positive and is growing across all channels, including Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. On Facebook, the introductory post sparked thousands of likes, shares, and comments—equaling more than twice the engagement Taco John’s typically sees.

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