BHI Advanced Internet Inc. announced its relationship with Taco John’s International Inc., providing a PCI compliance solution for the company.

Taco John’s International Inc. needed a reliable, comprehensive PCI compliance solution that would fit the needs of its franchise owners as well as the corporate office and restaurants.

“During the information gathering stage of our PCI Initiative, it was important to find a service provider that offered proactive customer support, allowing our franchisees to call with questions,” says Pete Kaufmann, IT Manager at Taco John’s. “It was BHI Advanced Internet that had the comprehensive solution we were looking for.”

The BHI SecureConnect support team actively monitors customers’ systems and addresses issues before the operator is aware there is a problem. “We take an incredibly proactive approach with our support,” says Kristyan Mjolsnes, director of marketing at BHI Advanced Internet. “With a team specially trained for the restaurant and hospitality industry, our support staff is best equipped to solve any network issues that surface.”

Peak operating hours are the most profitable for restaurant owners and require a solution that keeps up with business demands. As credit card usage continues to increase dramatically, the ability to process cards has become vital to the success of a quick-service restaurant organization. “Taco John’s has experienced solid reliability from SecureConnect since its implementation at the corporate level,” Kaufmann says.

The SecureConnect easyPCI packages include a managed firewall, multi-factor remote access, logging and reporting, quarterly vulnerability scanning, and Web filtering. These core services, in addition to several other offerings, create a fully managed secure network and PCI compliant solution for quick-serve brands. In head-to-head testing, SecureConnect is continually chosen over the competition, demonstrating BHI’s success in providing customers with the most reliable service at a cost effective price.

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