Just in time for Lent, fish tacos are back and better than ever at Taco John’s, and fans are sure to enjoy the wildly delicious addition.

Beginning March 2, the popular quick-service restaurant’s two for $5 Alaska Flounder Fish Tacos will kick any old fish sandwich to the curb. Available until April 17, guests can observe Lent with the bigger. bolder. better. item that features tender, wild-caught Alaska flounder coated in new crispy, seasoned batter and drizzled with zesty chipotle lime sauce and crumbly queso fresco, topped with shredded lettuce and pico de gallo, all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. 

“Taco John’s is committed to pushing the culinary boundaries of what guests expect to see at a quick-service restaurant,” said Taco John’s Corporate Chef and Director of Menu Innovation Brad Bergaus. “Our fans can say goodbye to a boring fish sandwich and hello to this bold fish taco with gnarly breaded Alaska flounder. It’s packed with quality ingredients and provides fresh flavor at an incredible value that you can’t get anywhere else. We are excited to offer this innovative and delicious item for those who partake in Lent traditions or are just craving a great fish taco!”

“We’re proud to partner with Taco John’s as they feature premium wild-caught flounder in their fish tacos,” said Leah Krafft, Foodservice Coordinator at Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. “The cold, glacier-fed waters of Alaska provide a healthy, natural habitat for millions of high-quality fish, famous for their delicious flavor and superior texture. Our state’s thriving wild Alaska flounder population is a testament to our healthy fish habitats and responsible fisheries management practices. Alaska is the only state with sustainability built into its constitution and each season, only as much fish are harvested as the environment can handle – ensuring high-quality seafood for generations to come.” 

Taco John’s uses Alaska Seafood: Wild, Natural and Sustainable for its two for $5 Alaska Flounder Fish Tacos. 

With its fusion of distinctive flavors and south-of-the-border spices, the Taco John’s menu offers several signature items, including Meat & Potato Burritos, Stuffed Grilled Tacos, Potato Olés and bold and craveworthy Fried Chicken Tacos. Taco John’s features signature specials like Taco Tuesday, discounted breakfast burritos on Wake Up Wednesday! and the everyday $1-$2-$3 ValuEST Menu. Download the Taco John’s App and like Taco John’s Facebook page for exclusive deals. 

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