Taco John’s is taking another step toward its goal of franchise growth. The Mexican fast food chain has developed two designs that will guide the construction of new restaurants.

“The new designs have an updated look that is more modern and streamlined,” says Dan James, chief development officer for Taco John’s. “The new designs are also more cost effective to develop. That is a big win not only for new franchisees but also current owners who want to open additional locations.”

The “Signature” T-16 design will be the standard for future freestanding drive-thru restaurants with 40-52 seats. The “Velocity” design is a drive-thru focused building with two order lanes and a smaller interior dining area.

“With the “Velocity” design, we’re able to offer an option that provides a low cost building capable of fitting on smaller parcels of land,” James says. “At the same time, the “Velocity” design is able to generate strong drive-thru business because its kitchen is the same size as the ones you’ll find in the larger “Signature” restaurants.”

Even as Taco John’s unveils its new restaurant designs, the company is already anticipating the day when the “Signature” and “Velocity” designs require updating. That’s why today’s building plans keep design features within the overall roofline. By eliminating towers, peaks, and arches, James says it will be easier to remodel exteriors in the future as the Taco John’s brand grows and evolves.

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