As part of its continuing mission to provide the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients, Taco Time NW is now exclusively sourcing all pinto beans from the family-owned Central Bean Co. in Quincy, Washington.

Central Bean Co. provides all of Taco Time NW’s pinto beans, available as a vegetarian option on most menu items, at all 73 restaurants. Central Bean Co. is part of the Food Alliance, which provides sustainability standards, evaluation tools, and voluntary third-party certification programs for farmers throughout the country. As part of its commitment to the environment, Central Bean Co. practices no-till farming, a technique in which fields are not cultivated between crops, which increases the amount of water in the soil and decreases erosion while preserving soil nutrients.
“Central Bean exemplifies many of the qualities that we as a family-owned company value, including commitment to the environment and providing the highest quality ingredients,” says Colin Ury, vice president of business affairs for Taco Time NW. “Central Bean takes great pride in their environmentally friendly farming operations and serves as a model for sustainable farming practices throughout the country.”
Each morning, Taco Time NW employees arrive early to prepare fresh beans provided by Central Bean Co. The fat-free pinto beans are cooked daily using only beans, water, onions, and spices.
“Pinto beans are high in essential nutrients including fiber, folate, and vitamin B1,” says Deborah Enos, Taco Time NW’s health coach. “They are a great addition to any diet and have been shown to stabilize blood glucose levels, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.”
Sourcing beans from Central Bean Co. is one of the many ways Taco Time NW demonstrates its commitment to the environment and support of family-owned companies. Throughout 2012, as part of its 50th anniversary celebration, Taco Time NW is launching a number of initiatives including composting packaging options and increasing the number of products sourced from northwest suppliers in addition to its long-standing partnership with Darigold cheese and tortillas from La Mexicana. Taco Time NW also introduced the Taco Time Traveler, a traveling taco truck visiting community events in the greater Puget Sound area.
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