Tacodeli, an Austin-based taco restaurant with locations in Austin, Dallas and Houston, are now offering their signature Organic Corn Tortilla Chips ($4.49) and Organic Refried Black Bean Molidos ($6.99) exclusively at Whole Foods Market Southwest Region in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Whole Foods Market currently carries four of Tacodeli’s award-winning salsas and queso: Salsa Verde (mild), Salsa Roja (medium), its signature salsa, Salsa DoñaTM (hot), and Queso Classic. Tacodeli’s new Organic Refried Black Bean Molidos and Organic Corn Tortilla Chips are chef-crafted, authentic recipes that are handmade in Texas with organic ingredients.

The Organic Black Bean Molidos isn’t your typical refried black bean dip. “Molidos” is a term for blended black beans in Spanish and Tacodeli ensures while perfecting this recipe in their restaurants, they remain true to their Mexican roots. The molidos are not only great for dipping but also great to use in a variety of at-home recipes such as tacos or a family-meal side dish.

On the Tacodeli restaurant menu, the Organic Black Bean Molidos are a foundational ingredient in the Tacodeli best-selling breakfast taco “The Otto,” the lunch or dinner tacos “The Heather” and “The Freakin Vegan” and of course the infinitely popular, “Bean and Cheese Taco.” 

“We are honored that our signature recipes, our tortilla chips, black bean molidos, queso, and salsas, that we have served in our restaurant over the years, are available for the at-home-chef to serve to their families,” says Founder Roberto Espinosa.

Tacodeli’s salsas, chips and molidos found at Whole Foods Market are Vegan-friendly and made without ingredients containing gluten. Drawing on Tacodeli’s Mexican heritage and taking inspiration from Austin’s creative culture, each recipe was developed, refined and perfected in-house, and is made from organic ingredients. Available now, Tortilla Chips are $4.49 each, in 5.5 ounce bags and Molidos are $6.99 each in 12 oz. containers, Tacodeli’s Molidos can be found in the refrigerated section next to their salsa and Tacodeli’s Tortilla Chips can be found in the chip aisle.

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