With the worldwide smartphone market expected to grow 50 percent in 2011, a restaurant’s ability to communicate with its customers via their essential mobile devices is now more invaluable than ever.

Phoenix-based technology firm,MobileBytes,makes it that much easier and affordable for restaurants to reach their customer base with the launch of its White Labelprogram.

This innovative technology offers restaurants a truly-branded, customized app with extensive marketing features and capabilities at a fraction of the cost it would pay to build its own application. 

MobileBytes’ White Label program allows full-service, fast-casual, takeout, and delivery-oriented restaurants, with minimal marketing budgets and resources, a way to escape the $100,000 plus investment that it would traditionally cost to create this highly-effective marketing vehicle.

 “With MobileBytes’ White Label program, a restaurant’s customer can simply download this free custom app to gain full access to all featured items and images on the menu as well as images of the restaurant,” says co-founder Dan Calderone.  “While on the go, customers can quickly and conveniently place orders—whether it be dine-in, takeout, or delivery—or they can make a reservation, all without delay.” 

The MobileBytes’ White Label Program is PCI-DSS certified to ensure that all transactions are completely secure.  “Our service allows time-strapped customers a way to get in and check out in an instant, ultimately increasing a restaurant’s revenue.  Customers no longer have to wait for their check, they can calculate their tip and checkout using securely stored credit card data,” Calderone says.  The app also lets consumers know what the estimated wait time will be for their order. 

Additionally, the restaurant manages the content of the app through a web-based back office. Restaurants can easily and effectively send communication about its latest specials, promotions, discounts, and events to all of its clientele. In the back office, restaurateurs can access the marketing tab allowing the owner three different ways to reach its influential customer—via a push notification, text message, and/or email message.   

“This web-based system is compatible with any restaurants’ POS system,” Calderone says. “The restaurant can maintain control and make changes at any time.”  MobileBytes gives the restaurant its own thermal printer so that they can help them print out orders. 

MobileBytes’s White Label program is available at the iTunes app store and the Android market and is free to download.

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