TakeOut Technologies, an online ordering provider with more than 11 years of experience, now offers restaurants a time-saving way to execute catering and take-out orders.

After implementing the online ordering system for West Coast–based Restaurants on the Run, Matt Martha founded TakeOut Technologies as a means of focusing specifically on online ordering for restaurants’ websites.

“We had a restaurant partner actually approach us to say they were having trouble executing … catering deliveries, same day and future orders, and they came to us,” Martha says. The restaurant asked if it was possible for Restaurants on the Run to do a private label model for it, at which point Martha spun TakeOut Technologies out of his original company.

For the past few months, TakeOut Technologies has been answering phones in its call center and taking online orders for the Pat & Oscars and El Pollo Loco restaurant chains. When customers call either location, their calls “get forwarded to us from the Vegas market, so we answer the call and we’re able to facilitate orders at different times of the day,” Martha says. “It really helps eliminate the need to have staff in a market not really knowing when the flow or orders are going to come in, so restaurants are able to … add incremental business that they normally wouldn’t see.”

Since all ordering finds its way to the same call center, whether an order is placed through online or via phone, restaurants can take that data to determine what markets are ordering and they can use the data accordingly.

Aaron Noveshen, founder of The Culinary Edge, a company that provides culinary services to the food industry, says that in order for restaurants to keep up with the times, online ordering is the way to go.

“Every company really needs to be in this space just even to be competitive, particularly in the delivery businesses,” Noveshen says. “Generally speaking it saves time, it saves having to have a person on the other line to do it, and for some people, it’s just a quicker interface.”

“I think for the most part, we’re capturing additional revenue for restaurants that normally would not be captured,” Martha says about TakeOut Technologies. “The ability to execute a same-day catering order is something that a lot of restaurants are not equipped to handle, and we now help facilitate that and help build the business.”

By Jill Watral

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