Tasti D-Lite, a low-calorie frozen dessert chain, announced that the first Tasti D-Lite center in Mexico will open before the end of the year in Mexico City.

Samuel Tarrab is the master franchisee behind the brand’s expansion into Mexico, which includes 10 new stores within the next two years.

“People love ice cream here but they need some guidance when it comes to maintaining a balanced diet,” Tarrab says. “With nearly 70 percent of the population being overweight, Mexico is one of the world’s ‘largest’ countries. But through Tasti D-Lite, we can educate people on just how easy it is to make good dietary choices while at the same time giving them a delicious treat and a fun store experience.”

“We are extremely excited to be entering the Latin American market with a franchisee with great business experience and a true passion for Tasti D-Lite,” says Jim Amos, Tasti D-Lite’s chairman and CEO. “The movement toward being active and eating a healthier diet are clearly global trends. We’re confident Samuel and the rest of his management team will capitalize on this opportunity and build the same kind of loyal customer base we’ve established in the United States.”