Jaws Jumbo Burgers, a quirky burger joint in Michigan, is offering Conan O’Brien an all expenses paid trip to come and try “The We Miss You Conan O’Brien Burger.”

The giant burger named in his honor consists of double patties of ground sirloin, double bacon, double provolone cheese, and the company’s special sweet relish plus all the toppings.

The single burger is called the Andy Richter.

Manager Paul Porter says, “This is all in good fun and we’re hoping that Conan stops by, tries the burger, signs autographs, takes pictures, and gives his Michigan fans an opportunity to show their support for his new show.”

In April 2009 when Jay Leno did free shows for the Michigan unemployed, Jaws Jumbo Burgers created a special “Thank You Jay Leno Burger” in his honor.

The Jaws crew has finally thrown in the towel after more than a year of inviting Jay, all expenses paid, to try the burger through emails, postcards, letters, newspaper ads, hand deliveries, videos, and customer email campaigns. There has been no response from the Leno camp.

The Leno and the Conan Burger are both on the menu with the Jaws staff keeping score as to which one is the most popular in sales.

Now that Conan O’Brien is adding Michigan State University to his comedy tour he might actually take them up on the offer.

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