TCBY recently launched its new frozen yogurt truck platform in Charlotte, North Carolina, as part of its strategic expansion. The mobile truck model is the first of its kind and will meet the demands of customers who want more accessibility to TCBY's healthy product offerings.

The truck features four flavors swirling with a rotating variation of TCBY's extensive product line, including yogurt flavors low in fat, fat free, or no sugar added, in addition to a non-dairy, fat-free sorbet. The TCBY truck also offers a wide range of toppings.

A Facebook page alerts customers to the daily location of the truck throughout the area.

"Our new mobile platform exemplifies TCBY’s forward-thinking approach in growing the brand and offering a new way to provide our perfected product to consumers," says Tim Casey, CEO of TCBY. "Our new frozen yogurt truck, which is designed to emulate our innovative brand look and feel, broadens our customer reach and strengthens our social media positioning."

Pioneering the endeavor is TCBY area developer and franchisee Samuel Batt. Batt, who piloted the company's first self-serve store and currently owns 10 TCBY locations, partnered with TCBY to open and/or franchise 23 TCBY self-serve locations in North Carolina and South Carolina within the next three years.

"The debut of the TCBY truck shows our continued commitment to meeting customer demands for greater accessibility of TCBY's healthy frozen yogurt products," Batt says. "Now more than ever, TCBY permeates the North and South Carolina market and remains the unparalleled leader in frozen yogurt. I am a firm believer in TCBY's product, brand and outlook for the future."

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