With the recent launch of its Super Fro-Yo, TCBY has staked a claim on the industry’s healthiest product with unmatched nutritionals.

Committed to all things yogurt, the TCBY research and development team set out to test a chilled, fresh-served yogurt product in its corporate stores in 2010. Yovana, Simply Yogurt was a hit for those seeking a quick breakfast, lunch, or snack in the form of fresh yogurt, prepared daily, served in cups and parfaits. Coupled with TCBY’s expansive toppings bar, customers are able to choose a yogurt style that serves their different functional needs—a healthy start to the day, post workout or afternoon snack, or evening treat. 

Working in TCBY’s favor is the remarkable growth of the refrigerated yogurt segment, which owns an 86 percent market share of overall yogurt sales. What’s driving the growth is exactly what makes Yovana, Simply Yogurt so ideally timed—premium, probiotic-rich yogurt that is 98 percent fat free and full of calcium, fiber, and protein. While it is understood that supermarkets dominate yogurt sales, other segments—big box, specialty food stores and now retailers—are gaining consumer adoption because of the pure functional nature of yogurt in the body.   

“We knew Yovana, Simply Yogurt was a fantastic product, and the test in Salt Lake City proved it,” says Timothy Casey, CEO of TCBY. “Consumer adoption was quick with this product, which isn’t surprising given its taste profile and the incredible health benefits it offers. We’ve always said that TCBY is about healthy indulgence, and as the industry leader and pioneer, our  research and development team continues to keep us out in front of the industry while offer us new ways to delight consumers.”

For the past year, TCBY has tested the Yovana, Simply Yogurt product at its two Salt Lake City corporate locations. Beginning in June, customers may visit stores in Little Rock and Harrison, Arizona; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Memphis, Tennessee, to taste Yovana, Simply Yogurt. The company plans to launch Yovana, Simply Yogurt nationwide later this year.

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