McDonald’s is tearing down a piece of history. In December, the fast food chain said it plans to demolish its Store No. 1 Museum. The museum opened in 1985, the year after the original McDonald’s was torn down. It was a replica of Kroc’s 1955 restaurant that debuted in Des Plaines, Illinois, after he franchised the brand from its original owners, Richard and Maurice McDonald.

McDonald’s is giving the land back to Des Plaines, it said. The museum has faced extensive flooding that forced officials to close the interior of the attraction to tourists.

The re-created restaurant has not regularly welcomed visitors since, McDonald’s said in a statement. Victors have declined over the years since interior access was shut off in 2008.

“This combined with the building’s location and feasibility to reopen and maintain it led us to this decision. This property in Des Plaines will always have a special place in our company’s history,” the company added.

Despite the flooding issues, visitors could still look through the windows and see the old-school features, like the red-and-white tiling, mixers, grills, fryers, mannequins, and original style milkshake machines.

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