Industry News | January 22, 2014

Ten Year Milestone Drives TISSL to Expand

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POS solutions provider TISSL, known for being widely used across the hospitality industry and most recently for its development of mobile restaurant technology, has marked the company’s 10th anniversary with the creation of its first overseas operation, TISSL Inc. in the U.S. The new company will be headquartered in New York City.


The company’s CEO, Kevin Coetzee, reflects on its 10-year history. “TISSL was born out of my frustrations with the old POS market, which was characterized by terrible support driven by poor SLA expectations, inattention to infrastructure issues, and uninspiring, functionless POS terminals that were barely better than cash tills. And, perhaps most importantly, no one was bringing the latest technologies to market.”


In 2003, Coetzee turned his passion for high-quality product and aftercare into a business. “Our first tagline was ‘excellent product, outstanding support’ and that ethos still drives everything we do. We’re now an international player but we still treat our customers as VIPs. We’re proud of them and of the success we help deliver and support.”


Today supporting 400 hospitality businesses, TISSL has been voted ‘Chef’s Choice of POS’ in the UK’s Restaurant Magazine survey of 2,000 establishments for the past four years. TISSL also services customers in locations such as Miami, Hong Kong, and Dubai from the U.K. and works with a number of the world’s top 50 restaurants.


“We’ve grown to a size where our market reputation, our solution, and our business culture are now mature enough to be exported. It’s also a natural progression to provide local support to our larger clients who already use TISSL POS overseas,” Coetzee explains.


As for TISSL’s reason for targeting the U.S. and the East Coast in particular, Coetzee draws parallels between London and New York. “New Yorkers are very much like Londoners in the way they work and play. Eating out is the number one leisure activity so we’re confident we’re entering a boom market, but it’s one that needs proven technology and impeccable support to sustain it.”


“London is now one of the best if not the best food destination, with New York following close on its heels,” Coetzee says. “We aim to bring our experience and the reputation for excellence we’ve gained in London to New York. We firmly believe in client partnerships, support, and adding value. New Yorkers deserve the best technology and service, and we feel able to outshine the competition.”


TISSL is used at all levels and in all sectors of the London restaurant scene, from the capital’s most iconic hotel to the newest fast-casual dining venue. “In fact, Soho and Mayfair where we have over 100 clients are starting to be known as ‘TISSL Town’,” Coetzee says.


He continues: “More than ever, hospitality is food-driven. Our most successful pub clients now offer great food, we have scores of restaurants offering exceptional (even Michelin-starred) ethnic cuisines, our hotel clients draw people from around the world to their cocktail bars, and every week we have clients opening new casual-dining venues that combine quality food with keen prices and fast service.”


TISSL Inc. is being established as a partnership between TISSL Limited and IPOS Inc., an established reseller of specialist hospitality POS, based in New York and with a customer base in New York City and the East Coast states. IPOS owner Jeff Feuer is now president of TISSL Inc. and his partner Marc Ghiron becomes vice president of technology.

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