For Teriyaki Madness customers, National Chicken Month will take on a whole new meaning this September. The fast-growing Asian-inspired fast casual is launching a #DontBeAChicken Campaign over social media, rewarding those who step outside their norms by doing things they’ve been afraid to do.

Aligned with the brand’s big, bold bowls of chicken, beef or tofu and fresh vegetables served, starting Sept. 1 and running throughout the month, the 50-unit restaurant franchise will challenge the nation to harness their inner bold spirits. Whether it’s running a marathon, taking steps to open their own business, or getting the guts to ask that special someone out on a date, Teriyaki Madness will surprise lucky participants who post their bold photos, stories and videos to the brand’s social outlets with the hashtag #DontBeAChicken with prize packs and free food throughout the month.

In addition to posting their own content to the Teriyaki Madness Facebook and Instagram accounts, consumers should be on high alert for special offers at local Teriyaki Madness shops around the country during select days of the campaign, which will be announced through social media.

For those who need inspiration on ways to be bold, Teriyaki Madness will offer weekly suggestions throughout the month, including:

  • Hugging your not-so-friendly boss on National Hug Your Boss Day
  • Stepping up to the mic in front of a crowded room for a rousing edition of your favorite karaoke song
  • Gathering up the courage to ask out that person you’ve had a crush on for months, or years

“Boldness is inherent in the Teriyaki Madness culture, so the #DontBeAChicken campaign is our way of emboldening existing and future brand fans,” says Michael Haith, CEO of Teriyaki Madness. “If you’ve been afraid of something recently or your whole life, do something about it and tell us, because we’re on your side. We’ll give you plenty of food and prizes as a reward for your boldness.”

Founded in 2003 in Las Vegas, Teriyaki Madness is famous for teriyaki bowls of flavorful food and “chorks” – a combination of chopsticks and fork utensil. The company is now headquartered in Denver and is making its mark both locally and around the country in 15 states. Dishes at Teriyaki Madness use all-natural meats that are marinated and grilled then wok-finished with fresh stir-fried vegetables, served with noodles or rice and a variety of made-in-house sauces.

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