Clarabridge announced the availability of the Clarabridge API, a framework of Web services and SOAP-based application program interfaces (APIs) that allows direct access to Clarabridge’s sentiment and text analytics engines.

A trial of the API is available online, and the Self Service program includes up to 1,000 free verbatims per month.

The Clarabridge API is an open framework designed to give developers and partners access to Clarabridge’s natural language processing (NLP), categorization, and sentiment analytics technologies. Users can employ the Clarabridge API to create highly customized or specialized applications, embed Clarabridge in their existing applications, or even create privately branded text-analysis environments to offer their clients. Developers and partners have a variety of deployment models to choose from, including SaaS, cloud hosted, and onsite. APIs are available immediately through Clarabridge Self Service.

Users of the Clarabridge API can now take advantage of a range of text processing, text analytics, and reporting options, including: Submit API, which allows users to submit a single document to Clarabridge for subsequent processing and addition to the Clarabridge index and database; Roundtrip API, which allows users to submit a single document in real time to Clarabridge for real-time extraction of linguistic content, categorization, and sentiment at either a document or sub-sentence level of detail; reporting and visualizations through a private-branded Clarabridge Navigator; Categorization Starter Packs, pre-tuned for various industries and use cases; and creation of a private-label version of Clarabridge’s Web interface for resale to their customers.

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