The Culinary Edge (TCE), a leading culinary innovation consultancy, announced the opening ofGreenlane, a brand-new salad-centric ‘fast food’ concept they helped develop in Tampa, FL. In collaboration with venture capitalist Chris Burch and his team, Greenlane tapped The Culinary Edge to create a drive-thru dining experience designed to deliver high-quality meals for customers on-the-move that is sure to disrupt the market, one salad at a time.   

Together the two teams took on a heavy lift. They set out to create a concept that delivers equally on a few critical factors that most of the industry struggles to balance: health-forward and value-first; delicious and convenient. After months of research and development, during which TCE identified the target consumer, aligned on a guest-centric mission, created recipes in the test kitchen, honed a frictionless operational system, and designed a standout drive-thru flagship with curb appeal; Greenlane was born.   

“With support from our team of chefs and restaurant experts, we are thrilled to bring Greenlane’s vision to life by creating a ‘rebellious salad for life in the fast lane,’” says Graham Humphreys, CEO of The Culinary Edge. “This distinct new salad-centric ‘fast-food’ restaurant defies industry norms by delivering on health, value and convenience simultaneously in a beautifully experiential drive-thru format.”    

Greenlane’s menu features a variety of affordable salad options available in either a bowl or a wrap, including:   

  • Golden Greek Salad – classic cucumber, tomato, feta and kalamata with croutons and red wine vinaigrette.
  • Classic Cobb Salad – a classic combination of grilled chicken, thick-cut bacon, hard-boiled egg, avocado and blue cheese with house-made ranch. 
  • Ginger Sesame Crunch Salad – edamame, shredded rainbow carrots, oranges, red cabbage roasted cashews, cilantro with zesty sesame ginger dressing. 
  • MexiCali – a fusion of charred corn and jalapeno, black beans, tomato, tortilla strips and house-made chipotle ranch. 

“From a culinary perspective, we started at square one and innovated the salad itself,” says Nikki Freihofer, Director of Strategy at TCE. “We made these salads easier to eat on-the-go, designing ‘spoonable’ chopped salads that don’t require any bite-building, and offering the option to get every salad in a portable wrap format. We spent time learning exactly what Greenlane’s consumer wants, aiming for ‘salads so flavorful, you’ll forget it’s a salad.’”   

Greenlane’s drive-thru is an immersive experience unlike most plain, functional drive-thru designs — where customers drive through the experience, rather than simply around it. With a vibrant exterior design from the architecture firm Zebra, that transforms as you drive through, Greenlane was created to stand out and be as integral to the brand experience as the food. 

“Greenlane’s mission is to redefine wellness and prove that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring,” says Erica Spector Wishnow, Co-CEO at Southpaw, who was a lead advisor in spearheading the new brand. “Together with The Culinary Edge’s assistance, Greenlane aims to eliminate the stigma that’s dominated the fast-food market for decades by creating this novel concept.”    

In addition to supporting early startups like Greenlane, The Culinary Edge also partners with established brands, from quick-service chains to full-service restaurants. TCE brings together top chefs, innovators, designers, strategists and operators to drive businesses forward within the food and beverage industry, fusing creative ideas with practical solutions.

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