Unforgettable summer flavors are taking the stage at The Human Bean starting May 22, 2024. Customers will find energizing and refreshing blends — from tart to tropical, mellow to poppy — at drive-thru locations throughout the U.S. So wherever your summer road trip takes you, there’s a seasonal drink to match the tunes and mood.

The Human Bean’s Summer Drink Fest launches with two upbeat iced beverages — Electric Dragon made with the company’s proprietary Bright Lime energy drink, and Dragonade blending iced tea and lemonade with a dragon fruit kick.

Electric Dragon

Name a better duo: Dragon Fruit and the thrilling kick of Bright Lime energy – we’ll wait. This vibrant concoction boasts an electric pink hue that mirrors its bold and energizing flavors


Slay your thirst with Dragonade – where exotic dragon fruit and classic black tea flavors lay down the rhythm, and lemonade hits the high notes for a fresh, poppy favorite you’ll want on repeat all summer long.

“The kick-off of the summer concert season inspired these electric new drinks,” says Janie Page, chief marketing officer of The Human Bean. “Our slate of limited-time summer flavors features the seasonal trends our customers are looking for —splashing bright colors and refreshing, fruit-filled infusions.”

Additional Summer Drink Fest flavors will be released throughout the season, with the next round debuting in mid-June. Mango Burst Boba will also remain on The Human Bean menus throughout the summer due to high demand.

Customers arriving for the first act of dragon fruit-themed flavors will need to stop by their favorite drive-thru location to get theirs before June 19, 2024, or while supplies last.

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